3DS Max

With the advent of 3D modeling tools, the designed models are getting closer to reality every day, and as a result, all the specifications and features of the created design, before the action and construction of the project, are quite noticeable. In this regard, 3 Ds Max software, which is a very powerful tool in 3D modeling and rendering of spaces and elements, has established its position in various industries, art and cinema, animation and computer game making for many years. Modeling power has overtaken most similar software. This software is used in the construction and architecture industry due to its very powerful rendering feature, for 3D modeling, landscaping, lighting, simulation of movement in spaces and many other applications.

The compilation of 3Ds Max training courses in Cafe BIM has been prepared and presented with the aim of preparing capable graduates in 3D modeling and using the best and most experienced professors of civil engineering and architecture.

After passing the course:

  • Ability to 3D model all project elements
  • Ability to illuminate and select the best design to allocate light sources
  • Ability to render in different modes and qualities
  • Ability to move the camera in modeled spaces and output video output
  • Animating different brochures from the model
  • Ability to move various objects
  • Use pre-prepared shapes to make objects more complex
  • Create materials and textures (textures) for all objects and elements

Course audience:

Undergraduate and graduate students of architectural engineering, civil engineering students, civil and architectural engineers working in industry, students and graduates of industrial design, people present in the animation and film industry, people interested in making computer games, all those interested in 3D modeling of objects and spaces

Course conditions:

  • Holding a training course at the end of the week (Thursdays and Fridays)
  • Holding training courses in person
  • Ability to provide online training courses to save time
  • Awarding a valid certificate at the end of the course after passing the final exam
  • For information about the time and date of the start of the semesters and to book online courses, please contact the relevant expert.