Civil 3D

The increasing development of engineering software in various sectors has made it very difficult to choose the best design tool due to features such as high speed and accuracy , flexibility with other software and easy user interface . Civil 3D software , produced by Autodesk , is widely used for geographic analysis and topography , road and bridge analysis , pipeline design , especially oil and gas , mapping and mapping . Launched after Land Software, the software is dynamic and interactiveWith other engineering software, it has quickly opened its place in the world engineering market and today has undoubtedly become one of the main foundations in the design of roads, pipelines, canals , etc.

Cafe BIM site, using its top and most experienced professors , tries to train up-to-date and knowledgeable graduates with Civil 3D software knowledge to be more efficient in the country’s design industry and always considers the satisfaction and efficiency of school students as the most important support for its credibility.

After passing the course:

  • Ability to layer and align the topography of the project site
  • Ability to build different types of routes, tunnels, corridors, etc. at very high speeds
  • Ability to design roads, bridges, waterways
  • Ability to estimate costs at each stage of the project
  • Ability to adapt the design to valid global standards
  • Ability to model pipelines in the most optimal way possible
  • Ability to use Global Positioning Information (GPS) and various databases in designs
  • Ability to enter and exit information with other related engineering software such as Autocad and 3Ds MAX
  • Ability to interact and exchange information with Google Earth
  • Manage and categorize huge amounts of information and design data at very high speeds

Course audience:

Undergraduate students in Civil Engineering, All Civil Engineering Graduates, Senior Civil Engineers in Road Construction and Transportation and Water Resources Management, Project Managers, Supervising Engineers, Employees in Road and Transportation and Highways.

Course conditions:

  • Providing training courses on the last days of the week (non-working days)
  • Holding training courses in person
  • Hold online (virtual) training classes to save time
  • Awarding a valid certificate after obtaining a passing grade in the final evaluation
  • For information about the time and date of the beginning of the semesters and to book the registration of face-to-face and virtual courses, please contact the relevant expert.