Post Production

The process of rendering a simulated 3D model, in software such as Revit, 3Ds MAX, Lumion, and so on. Due to the details of the model, it requires a lot of time and very strong hardware systems. Hence, most of the details of the plan and then rendering the model added that, in addition to spend less time , less pressure to be entered into the computer system. Payment of post-production or Post Production , simply include all operations carried out final editing and quality improvement model after the rendering of three-dimensional modeling software. Using the Post Production can beVery high speed provided much more natural and quality modeling .

Developing and presenting the Post Production training course in Behrang Educational Complex, using the best professors of the country’s architecture industry, seeks to train and improve the quality level of graduates active in the field of modeling and visualization of various projects, including architecture and construction industry. Until the animation and film industry .

After passing the course:

  • Ability to use brushes to create very strong lighting
  • Darkness and brightness in different parts of the model with the help of Adjustment tool
  • Modeling different seasons and different weather conditions
  • Create different materials and textures on the model
  • Provide light reflection and refraction structures
  • Integrate color grading images and concepts
  • Project design simultaneously by several different users
  • Making a graphic plan from an AutoCAD plan

Course audience:

Undergraduate and graduate students of architectural engineering, civil engineering students, students and graduates of industrial design, film and photography enthusiasts, employees in the animation and film industry, computer game enthusiasts and all involved in 3D modeling Objects and spaces

Course conditions:

  • Courses at the end of the week (non-working days)
  • Holding classes in person
  • It is possible to provide online training courses (virtual) for the benefit of those who are not able to attend classes due to lack of time.
  • Submitting a valid certificate after the end of the course to attend the course
  • For information about the time and date of the start of the semesters and to book in-person or online course registration, please contact the relevant expert.