Revit Architecture

Before the advent of software Revit Architecture software for three-dimensional modeling industry architectural design and building available and were used. The advent of this powerful software brought with it excellent features that quickly revolutionized the construction and architecture industry , such as building information modeling (BIM) . On the other hand, in the Revit Architecture software platform , all relationships between components, views, and markings are stored within the model (parametric) , so the changes applied to the model are automatically applied to the whole model, and therefore the whole model.A fraction of a second is updated . These two features, along with many other benefits, have led to its widespread use today among architectural firms to design 3D models with great analytical capabilities , and learning it will undoubtedly be a requirement for entering the industry. Architectural design has become.

Graduates of Cafe BIM , by participating in Revit Architecture training courses, in addition to accurate and completely tailored learning to the needs of the software industry architecture , will finally get acquainted with the emerging and promising process of building information modeling (BIM) .

After passing the course:

  • Quick update of the whole structural model, after applying changes in each part of the design
  • Ability to allocate information to all components and elements of the project
  • Quick conversion of phase one maps to phase two maps
  • Ability to model stairs, ramps and other architectural details of the project
  • Ability to simultaneously model a project by multiple users
  • Ability to render the model with different lighting settings
  • Project design simultaneously by several different users
  • Ability to enter and exit the model from other project modeling software with the help of IFC extension
  • Meters and estimates of different materials and elements in each stage and selection of the best material design
  • Ability to prepare information request report or change in design (RFI)
  • Fix all your project information and make the most of the valuable experiences of each project in future projects.

Course audience:

Civil engineering students, architecture engineering students, all civil engineering and architecture graduates, senior structural students, project managers, supervising engineers, engineering technical office engineers, all those interested in BIM

Course conditions:

  • Providing training courses on weekends (non-working)
  • Holding training courses in person
  • It is possible to provide online training courses (virtual) for the benefit of those who are not able to attend classes due to lack of time.
  • Presentation of a valid certificate after the end of the course by this center
  • For more information about the hours and start dates of face-to-face and virtual (online) semesters and to book a course registration, please contact the relevant expert.