Revit MEP (Electrical)

The importance of time, cost and quality of design has led to the growing desire of companies to use intelligent and dynamic software in 3D modeling of industrial designs. Therefore, the use of the popular and powerful Revit MEP Electrical software, which is based on the Building Information Modeling Process (BIM) process , dramatically improves all three goals by integrating all parts of the modeled project. Use this tool for modeling and design of electrical installations project, yet easy to use, choose the most optimal layout mode in the shortest time possible for the designer brings.

Cafe BIM Educational site in Building Information Modeling Technology (BIM) has organized Revit MEP Electrical training courses using the best professors in this field and has selected the training of capable and outstanding graduates as its most important goal in this direction.

After passing the course:

  • Design of electrical and lighting systems of the project taking into account all national and international standards
  • Optimal location of electrical installations in the shortest time
  • Possibility to study economic issues during modeling
  • Ability to optimize the size of components and components used in the shortest time
  • Ability to select the best routes for wiring
  • Ability to detect interference between different components of electrical installations
  • Lighting optimization in different spaces
  • Analyze the energy consumption of the final design and optimize it
  • Ability to design the electrical installation system simultaneously by several designers

Course audience:

Undergraduate and graduate students of electrical engineering, students of mechanical engineering, supervising engineers of electrical installations, project managers, employees of electrical departments, interested in familiarity in the field of building information modeling.

Course conditions:

  • Holding training classes on the last days of the week (Thursdays and Fridays)
  • Holding classes on designing electrical installations in person at the school
  • Possibility of holding online training courses for people who have a problem with lack of time
  • Presenting a valid certificate after the end of the course in this center
  • For information about the time and date of the start of the semesters and the reservation of online and virtual online courses and educational videos, please contact the relevant expert.