Revit MEP (Mechanical)

The increasing tendency of companies and engineers to use integrated approaches in designing different parts of the building in recent years, has led to the movement and use of BIM-based software . One of the most widely used software in the design of mechanical installations is the powerful Revit MEP Mechanical software. Due to its intelligent three-dimensional design capability, this software , if any changes are made in any part of the project, will allow the designer to update all the plans and designs of mechanical installations in a fraction of the time . Revit MEP , high design speed, use of huge information source and pre-prepared installation tools along with simple user interface compared to similar software It has made Mechanical an unparalleled tool in the industry.

Cafe BIM Educational Complex, with a long history in education, organizes Revit MEP Mechanical training courses , using the experienced professors of the facility design industry, and thinks of training capable and active graduates to participate in the industry.

After passing the course:

  • Design of project facilities and mechanical devices taking into account all the rules and regulations
  • Possibility of optimal placement of mechanical components in the shortest time
  • Possibility to consider economic issues during the design of mechanical installations
  • Ability to optimize the size of components and components used in the shortest time
  • Ability to select the best routes for passing mechanical components and components
  • Ability to detect interference between different components of high-speed mechanical installations
  • Analysis of energy consumption of various mechanical installations
  • Ability to design mechanical installations in different sections by several engineers simultaneously
  • Preparation of RFI reports (request for information or change on the model)
  • Fix all your project information and make the most of the valuable experiences of each project in future projects.

Course audience:

Mechanical Engineers, Mechanical Engineering students in all majors, Facility Engineers, Project Managers, Building Information Modeling Training Interested.

Course conditions:

  • Holding training courses on holidays and weekends
  • Holding training classes on designing mechanical facilities in person
  • Possibility of holding online training courses for people who have a problem with lack of time
  • Holding the final exam and presenting a valid document by the complex
  • For information about the time and date of the start of the semesters and to book the registration of face-to-face and virtual courses (online), please contact the relevant expert.