Revit MEP (Plumbing)

Time, along with cost and quality, have always been the top three goals of project managers, employers, and project designers. Building Information Modeling (BIM), as an emerging tool that improves all three of these goals, has found its place among engineering companies day by day. Software Revit MEP Plumbing set of powerful tools the process of BIM for the design of piping systems project , which is due to the characteristics of speed and precision, simple interface and extensive database of information and design components , as a means of emerging quickly ahead of its competitors and snatched It has opened its place among engineering engineers .

Cafe BIM Educational site, by offering Revit MEP Plumbing training courses, tries to train engineers designing plumbing facilities with a BIM approach for active presence in the construction industry. By participating in this training course, in addition to using the experiences of well-known professors in this field, the graduates will be introduced to the emerging technology of building information modeling .

After passing the course:

  • Design of project piping systems taking into account all national and global standards
  • Possibility of optimal piping placement in the shortest time
  • Possibility to consider economic issues during plumbing design
  • Ability to optimize the size of components and components used in the shortest time
  • Ability to select the best routes for project pipes
  • Ability to design piping system in different parts of the project by several engineers simultaneously
  • Project design simultaneously by several different users
  • Ability to detect interference between different components of high-speed piping routes
  • Analyze the energy consumption of the final design and optimize it
  • Preparation of RFI reports (request for information or change on the model)
  • Fix all your project information and make the most of the valuable experiences of each project in future projects.

Course audience:

Mechanical Engineers, Students of Mechanical Engineering in all majors, Facilities Supervising Engineers, Project Managers, Interested in Introduction to Building Information Modeling

Course conditions:

  • Holding training classes on holidays and weekends
  • Holding training classes on designing plumbing facilities in person
  • Possibility of holding online training courses for people who have a problem with lack of time
  • Holding the final exam and presenting a valid certificate from the school
  • For information about the time and date of the beginning of the semesters and to book the registration of face-to-face and virtual courses, please contact the relevant expert.