Revit Structure

High speed, accuracy, flexibility and ease of use are the main priorities of any design engineer to choose the software needed when designing . All of these features, along with features such as the ability to measure and estimate and the ability to be designed by multiple users simultaneously , make Revit Structure software one of the most popular structural design software by civil engineers. Revit Structure software,  which is one of the main software in the building information modeling (BIM) process, has established its position among designers and architects these days along with its main competitor, Tekla .

Cafe BIM Educational Complex, using the best and most experienced professors of architecture and civil engineering, has tried to train flat graduates on Revit Structure software with a technical and executive vision so that in the end, it can invite industry structure designers to use the BIM approach. Slow down.

After passing the course:

  • Analysis and modeling of all structural elements in three dimensions
  • Analysis and modeling of all structural connections and details
  • Preparation of workshop shop maps
  • Ability to enter analytical results into other structural analysis software and re-control the results
  • Ability to model steel and concrete structures with the highest level of detail (LOD)
  • Ability to quickly, accurately estimate and prepare a list of plans
  • Possibility of modeling the structure by several design engineers simultaneously
  • Provide information request or model change reports (RFI)
  • Ability to move in the model and examine the details of the structure from different angles
  • Fix all your project information and make the most of the valuable experiences of each project in future projects.

Course audience:

All undergraduate students of Civil Engineering, all graduates of Civil Engineering and Architecture, students of Master of Structural and Earthquake Orientation, Project Managers, Supervising Engineers, Engineers of Engineering Technical Offices, all those interested in BIM concepts

Course conditions:

  • Providing training courses on weekends (non-working)
  • Holding training courses in person at Cafe BIM Educational Complex
  • Holding online (virtual) training classes for learning in the shortest time
  • Awarding a valid certificate at the end of the course after the final evaluation
  • For information about the time and date of the start of the semesters and to book online courses, please contact the relevant expert.