3D visualization means the detailed visualization of a project that is to be implemented in the near future, with the goal of making better and more comprehensive decisions. The more natural and  realistic the 3D modeling , the greater the decision-making power before and even during operation . In this regard, the powerful Lumion software with a simple user interface and very high speed in rendering , has become a common tool for providing much more natural models among architects around the world.

By participating in the Lumion training course at Cafe BIM , in addition to benefiting from the knowledge of specialized and experienced professors of architecture and modeling industry, with comprehensive and practical learning of widely used Lumion software , you will have a big step towards reaching a prominent and superior designer .

After passing the course:

  • Very fast and realistic rendering of the model
  • Use huge resources of software components and objects to complete the model
  • Support for models provided in other software with DWG, DXF, FBX, MAX and ….
  • Very realistic and natural illustration of the climate and the surrounding environment
  • Ability to add different types of sounds, lights, shadows and effects to elements
  • Use a huge library of materials to make the components and materials of the model more natural
  • Add moving objects such as humans and moving cars in the model space
  • Ability to use special effects in the model
  • Making HD quality output video

Course audience:

Civil engineering students, students of architectural engineering, students of industrial design, students of art and photography, students of animation and filmmaking, computer game makers, project managers, all those interested in BIM concepts

Course conditions:

  • Holding training classes on weekends (non-working days)
  • Holding training courses in person at the school
  • Hold online (virtual) training classes to save time
  • Presenting a valid certificate at the end of the course
  • For information about the time and date of the beginning of the semesters and to book the registration of face-to-face and virtual courses, please contact the relevant expert.